Sean Rivers to start "Next Level Showcase" On Broadway

May 04, 2016

Sean Rivers to start "Next Level Showcase" On Broadway



Nashville, TN (May 4, 2016): Nashville recording artist Sean Rivers has announced the launch of the Next Level Showcase.  This event will take place in the newly renovated upstairs of Broadway's Bootleggers Inn.

The showcase will feature some of Nashville's best and brightest singer/songwriters of all genres of music.  Rivers says his goal with the Next Level Showcase is to "provide a platform in which visitors and residents of the music city can hear the songs written in Nashville and performed by the people who wrote them."  The weekly event will take place conveniently in the middle of the city's most popular destination: Broadway.  "I feel there is a lack of opportunities to expose the guests of Broadway to innovative, new original music born in Nashville, nor are there enough opportunities for local artists to have his/her original music heard by the thousands of weekly Broadway attendees.  I hope that by providing this outlet, we can add a unique, positive and more personal element to the musician/visitor relationship on Broadway," continues Rivers.

The Next Level Showcase will run every Thursday from 8 to 12 pm in the second story of Bootleggers Inn located at 207 Broadway in Nashville, TN.

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