Sean Rivers Announces Recurring Weekend Shows at Bootleggers Inn

May 18, 2016

Sean Rivers Announces Recurring Weekend Shows at Bootleggers Inn

Nashville, TN (May 18, 2016): Sean Rivers announced today a series of weekly acoustic performances at Bootleggers Inn (downstairs), effective immediately with no scheduled end date.

Rivers called Bootleggers Inn his "second home."  "Bootleggers is pretty special to me.  It's our secret little Broadway hangout.  I met so many of my close friends there, including my fiance," says the singer.  Sean also credits Bootleggers with giving him his first real experiences playing on Broadway.  "Our late friend, Big Bobby Smith, was the general manager and gave Daryl Aldridge and me a recurring Tuesday night gig filling in for someone.  We cut our teeth at Bootleggers when we first moved here so it feels good feels good to call it home for a few hours every Saturday."  This announcement comes just weeks after the launch of Rivers' Next Level Showcase in Bootlegger Inn's recently renovated upstairs space.  

Bootleggers Inn is located at 207 Broadway and is Nashville's only moonshine bar.  The acoustic series will begin May 7 and take place every Saturday from noon to 3 pm.

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