about sean rivers



Born into a family of musicians (both of the church and bar variety) and raised in Fort Payne, Alabama, Kristopher Sean Rivers’ path to music was paved at an early age. As it turns out, taking the path already paved wasn't the way Sean Rivers led his life.
Like a lot of little boys growing up in the south, Rivers’ spent much of his childhood focused on sports with dreams of one day becoming a professional athlete. To the naked eye, aside from the church choir and occasional school functions, music did not seem to be a large focus in Rivers’ life. However, the naked eye never caught a glimpse of the little black notebook of song lyrics Rivers kept hid under his bed since age 12.
Upon graduation of Fort Payne High School in 2001, the sports obsessed Rivers would leave his home and head for The Capstone in Tuscaloosa. Rivers entered a major of Physical Education at The University of Alabama and would eventually jump at an opportunity to work on field with Coach Mike Shula and the Alabama Crimson Tide. It is during this time he recalls a group of high school friends returning from a college spring break with a handful of songs they had written. It was this event that inspired Rivers to break out the little black notebook, purchase a guitar, and try his hand at songwriting. 
Sean would spend the next year teaching himself guitar through chord books, websites and tips from local musical friends. Around this time Rivers’ meets Jeremiah Jones, a young bar manager and future owner of what used to be Jupiter on The Strip in Tuscaloosa. Jones would go on to give Sean his first paying bar gig and open the door for Rivers to take his music to the entire Tuscaloosa scene. Over the next several years, college becoming an afterthought, he would go on to play every song he'd written, every cover song he’d learned, at any place that would let him through the door.
From 2007 into 2011, In the midst of losing three of the four people who raised him (his grandparents and step father), playing music took a back seat. Rivers spent the next 4 years as a Leasing/Property manager for college rental properties in Tuscaloosa, only occasionally playing local acoustic shows with long time friend Allie Logan.
On April 27th, 2011, almost a year to the day of his step fathers passing, a series of Tornados
swept through the state of Alabama taking the lives of 64 members of the Tuscaloosa community including Sean’s friend Loryn Brown. The loss of Loryn and the devastation to the city he loved drove Sean back into the arms of music and inspired him to pen the emotional 'Mind on Tuscaloosa', a song dedicated to his late friend Loryn Brown and the city he called home. Almost immediately following its upload on YouTube the song went "viral", receiving over 13,000 hits in its first day and became a “grass roots” hit with radio air play across the state and television publicity world wide. Television appearances of the song included shows such as Good Morning America and CNN Morning Express with Robin Meade.
In September 2011, with a new inspiration for writing and a rejuvenated passion for music, Sean received a call from long time college friend and songwriting partner CT Prince. Prince would give news that he was re-locating from Tuscaloosa and asked Rivers if he'd like to join him as a roomate. The destination was Nashville. Rivers agreed and two weeks later the two friends made the move. Once moving to music city and independently releasing his first studio album (which Rivers eventually removed from all major media markets), Sean would spend the next 4 years playing his original music in countless venues across the southeast. These shows include opening for recording artists such as Blackberry Smoke, Jerrod Niemann, Justin Moore, Randy Houser, Corey Smith, Sam Hunt, Jamey Johnson, Cole Swindell, Chase Rice, and more. Rivers would also find work playing cover songs on the Tin Roof Live Music circuit as well as in several bars located on Nashville's legendary Broadway.
2016 found Sean in a new era with new music, a new tour and a new style. The spring brought the first new original music since 2012 with the single “Why Do You Let Me"  from Rock n Roll Basement’s “Dumped” Compilation and "Undead" from RNRB's "Monster's" compilation. In February of 2016, the Alabama bred singer/songwriter hit the road on The Nashville Masquerade Tour with friends Lewis Brice, Fabrizio & The Fever, Johnny Hayes, Jacob Stiefel and more. Later that year, longtime friend and fashion designer, Sam Kyle would team up with Sean to start 'Best We Can Clothing', a men's fashion line named after one of Rivers' songs.
Life changes would be the name of 2017 as Rivers would not only quit drinking alcohol but also marry his best friend and Nashville hairstylist Molly Bird. 
The new year finds Rivers performing three weekly Nashville shows; Thursday’s and Sunday’s at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, with his band, and Saturday’s solo acoustic at Doc Holliday’s Saloon. In February, Sean founded Nashville Talent Community LLC, a booking platfrom to help better the relationship and communication between working musicians and performance venues. Sean Rivers is currently in the final stages of tracking his upcoming E.P. release entitled "Molly". The five song release, produced and recorded by Josh Waters, Justin Johnson and Rivers at Nashville’s Rock n Roll Basement, is to include four songs that Rivers penned about his wife and one the couple penned together. It is expected for release in June 2018.